Download and install instructions

Python Package Index (PyPI)

You can install OERPLib with the easy_install tool:

$ easy_install oerplib

Or with pip:

$ pip install oerplib

An alternative way is to download the tarball from Python Package Index page, and install manually (replace X.Y.Z accordingly):

$ wget
$ tar xzvf OERPLib-X.Y.Z.tar.gz
$ cd OERPLib-X.Y.Z
$ python install

No dependency is required except pydot for some methods of the inspect service (optional).

Source code

The project is hosted on Launchpad. To get the current development branch (the trunk), just type:

$ bzr branch lp:oerplib

For the last version of a stable branch (replace X.Y accordingly):

$ bzr branch lp:oerplib/X.Y

Run tests

New in version 0.4.0.

Unit tests depends on unittest2 (Python 2.3+) or unittest (Python 2.7 and 3.x), and argparse.

To run unit tests from the project directory, run the following command:

$ PYTHONPATH=.:$PYTHONPATH ./tests/ --help

Then, set your parameters in order to indicate the OpenERP server on which you want to perform the tests, for instance:

$ PYTHONPATH=.:$PYTHONPATH ./tests/ --create_db --server --test_xmlrpc --xmlrpc_port 8069

The name of the database created is oerplib-test by default.

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