class oerplib.service.wizard.Wizard(oerp)

New in version 0.6.

The Wizard class represents the /wizard RPC service which lets you access to the old-style wizards.


This service have to be used through the oerplib.OERP.wizard property.

>>> import oerplib
>>> oerp = oerplib.OERP('localhost')
>>> user = oerp.login('admin', 'passwd', 'database')
>>> oerp.wizard
<oerplib.service.wizard.Wizard object at 0xb76266ac>


All methods documented below are not strictly implemented in OERPLib

Method calls are purely dynamic, and the following documentation can be wrong if the API of OpenERP is changed between versions. Anyway, if you know the API used by the OpenERP server for the /wizard RPC service, it will work.

create(wiz_name, datas=None)
>>> oerp.wizard.create('wiz_name')
Returns:the wizard’s instance ID
execute(wiz_id, datas, action='init', context=None)
>>> oerp.wizard.execute(1, {'one_field': "Value"})

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